As the Spirit stirred the waters inside me, I felt the mists say,

“Knowledge is learned, you can find it anywhere. You can ask me for it, but even the knowledge I give you can be dangerous. Knowledge is like a body yet to come to life. As my Spirit breathes on it, it takes on life. The wind of the Spirit that does this is called Wisdom.”

“Wisdom understands knowledge and knows what to do with it. Wisdom cannot be learned. Wisdom is dynamic and is fresh every time. In the heart of man, knowledge desires the high road, but Wisdom goes to the low places, the quiet places where the trickle of the stream can be heard.”

“Knowledge says, ‘Here it is. Take it and run with it.'” 

“Wisdom understands the Spirit and says, ‘Listen to my voice. Listen to the stream. Listen to my heart and understand.'”

“In every situation ask, ‘What is your heart on this? What should I do? What should I say?'” 
“Wisdom will speak. Wisdom will ground your soul in the way of the Lord. Wisdom will release the gentle breeze from heaven that heals and restores. Bent reeds will not break, tender shoots will not be crushed, and the dead will come to life.” Wisdom will tell you what to say and when to say it. 

“Wisdom is not what you know. Wisdom applies the heart of God to every situation.”

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1 Response to Wisdom

  1. Caroline Fiddymont says:

    What incredible and powerful writing! Today’s scripture being written!

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