Be Still

When we pray “Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”, we are praying destiny prayers. As I was waking this morning, I felt surrounded by the never ending and all consuming love of the Father. It was like I was swimming in liquid love. I was thinking of a couple I know whose hearts shine with the brilliance of refined gold. I was praying “Your kingdom come…” over them because it seemed like the best way to bless them and lift them up into higher realms of intimacy with the Father. I then heard His voice impress on me that this is one of the most powerful prayers we can pray. When we pray this prayer, we are asking for more of His love to manifest in their hearts. We are turning away from praying what we think should be done, and are turning towards the will of the Father.

I then saw what looked like a streams or ribbons of life flowing through time. These streams represented each of our lives and the brightest and strongest of these were those where the hand of God had been released to lead them into fullness of life. “Your kingdom come…” acknowledges that there is a destiny on each of us. It also causes us to take a posture of humility and recognize that the only way we will find that destiny is by choosing to follow where He leads. I saw these steams flowing through times of incredible hardship and suffering which could easily have crushed us, but because we were surrounded by Him and actually in Him, we lived and were achieving our destiny. We were living on the path created for us before the foundation of the earth and it was the safest place to be.

When we live in this way, we align with the way shown by Jesus, who “only did what He saw the Father doing”. When we pray “Your kingdom come…” over our lives, we are saying “Your will, not mine”. We give up striving to find the right path and we allow His hand to carry us on the way of life He planned for us. It’s like being in a windstorm. If we try and stand, we will experience resistance and the deafening howling of the wind. When we say “Your will be done”, we let go of our striving and release ourselves into His care and protection. As we find ourselves being carried by the wind, we find the noise ceases and we enter the quietness of rest.

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1 Response to Be Still

  1. Dana Mills says:

    A LONG time ago, you told a story which involved praying whenever you happened to look at a clock and it was 11:11… We joined you in that practice, and do it now whenever all the numbers match – this happens frequently, sometimes several times a day, and we assume God is directing our attention to prayer, and most often we pray the Lord’s Prayer out loud – I like the phrase you received: “a destiny prayer”… Amen, may it be so!

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