Healing With Liquid Gold

For months now, God has been speaking to me about how I and the church in general reaches out to people … anyone, no matter where they are on various issues, whether we agree with them or not. I am more and more convinced that we have to be so hidden within the heart of the Lord that every thought, word, action or reaction becomes a reflection of His love. Without being consumed by that love, we are all in danger of doing things in ways that seem right in our own eyes, or which reflect the agendas of [insert your favorite group name here]. This post reblogged below, like its title, is pure gold.

Faith Living Now

10518962_685695001515849_6907330306438516711_nAnd He said,

“Let me elaborate.”  To which my heart sighed in relief because I couldn’t understand alone.

“When you realized there was a hole, so to speak, in your husband’s armor, you saw a small piece of damage which left an open door to sickness.  It was there because of a previous situation in his life; one from his childhood; one he doesn’t remember.  Ministries have risen and died over this problem and the search for its solution. Great amounts of money have been poured into these holes and the resolutions have often been minor, at best.  You have witnessed this and wondered at the millions of souls chasing healing for wounds that don’t heal simply.  And yet, the solution is rather simple.  Come let me show you.”

He paused as we strolled through flowers bearing colors so vibrant that any earthly artist would covet the pallet.

“As you SIT on your throne of Administration…

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