Prepared for the Journey

Early this morning I had a dream that I really felt was from God and that I had to share.


I was at a place with a group of friends and we were preparing to go on a journey. We had to carefully choose what to take, because we could only take what we could carry. We also had only had 8 minutes before we had to be somewhere to meet a bus to take us to our destination. I suggested that I could drive if we missed the bus, but it seemed important that we take it.

I was getting a bit agitated because we literally had a only a few minutes, and there was a TV on in the room that was distracting us. Finally, we left and had to run to find the bus – the number 7 bus (not 100% sure) near the “princess school”. After running towards where we thought it might be, I asked someone where the princess school was. We looked around, and written on the top of an old innercity building were the words “Princes’ School”,

We only had a couple of minutes left, so we darted across an intersection but were stopped by a cop for jaywalking. We pleaded with him to let us go because we had only a few minutes to catch the bus, but he kept questioning us, trying to find out who had strong legs. Just then I woke up.


I immediately thought about: preparing to go; putting aside distractions; moving when we have to; departing on a bus from a place where Princes are taught; and being transported to our destination by someone else.

I believe God is accelerating things right now, and many of us are being led into new understandings of things. For some, destinies are being revealed. There are distractions that can keep us from moving. We are Kings and Princes, and the Lord has been preparing us. We have asked Him to lead, so He gets to drive the bus, not us.

Be encouraged! Does anyone see anything else here?

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1 Response to Prepared for the Journey

  1. sandra phillips says:

    Right on! I also felt that tv or the world system will try to stop us from listening to Holy Spirit. Jesus always followed the leading of holy spirit. Jaywalking seems to represent stepping out in our own direction or trying to “short cut”, even if it seems important to hurry. I have been learning lately that there is always enough time if we obey God, but it is important to not hurry based on my own logic..thanks Robin.

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