Tongues, Seeing and Healing

Last night, I was lying in bed praying in tongues, and telling God that I really don’t understand healing. Now I’ve been to many healing courses and conferences, and have seen, and continue to see people getting healed and set free – it’s amazing and wonderful! But I was feeling that we really need to get into a “flow” of healing, just like we get into flows of tongues or the prophetic. All of a sudden I got a download of understanding about tongues that I hadn’t seen before.

Now I have spoken in tongues for over 20 years, but at the beginning, it seemed like an almost impossible task. Once I did start speaking in tongues, all questions just disappeared, so it’s been a while since I thought about why some of us find it hard to get started. What the Lord showed me was this:

  • It’s one of the first experiences we have where the mind is not in control – we don’t understand what’s happening
  • Our minds are used to “governing” what comes out of our mouth. It’s like a feedback loop – the mind puts a “check” on what we say. If we don’t think it will come out right, we don’t say it. When some children are learning to speak, you can see that they don’t want to try to speak (or let anyone else hear) until they know that they will say what they want to say. With other kids, there is no governor at all – what they think pours out of their mouth and they don’t care if it’s right or wrong.

In the same way, when first trying to speak in tongues, many of us are governed by that same feedback loop – the problem is that because we don’t have a frame of reference for tongues, our minds can’t know if what we would say would be tongues or not, so we are stopped before we start. With natural language, once we start testing it out, we quickly learn to just go with it. With speaking in tongues, because there is no reference point for what it should sound like, we can’t move on. We get paralyzed and may say, “Oh well, maybe God doesn’t want me to have this gift.” The voice of the enemy in our heads only reinforces this point of view.

This kind of thinking is a logic trap with no way out. I remember going to meetings where someone would pray for me and tell me to just open my mouth and say something. For the longest time, this didn’t work for me. Several months later, I was at home and I opened my mouth and made a sound. I realized it was a bit different and in hindsight, I see that the sound I made just “popped out” rather than being made up. Even so, for a while, I had doubts if this was real or if I was just making it up.

The thing I didn’t know (and wasn’t explained to me in ways I understood) was that the impetus for opening my mouth and speaking does not come from my mind, but comes from my spirit. Not surprising, since there was very little understanding about our spirits.

The prophetic works in the just the same way. I now know that I can receive words or pictures from the Lord, and over time they have become more focused and accurate. I learned to recognize when something was “dropped” into my spirit, and I’ve learned to trust His voice. The key to this is knowing that the thought does not originate in my mind. It comes from the Spirit through my spirit, because I am in Him and He is in me.

How does this apply to healing?

So after this revelation (which probably lasted only a second or two), I asked God what this has to do with moving in a flow of healing. I believe He was showing me that:

  • We’ll never get there by trying to understand it with our minds. 1 Cor 2:14 – the natural man can’t understand the things of the Spirit – they are spiritually discerned
  • The only way to be able to move in a flow of healing, is to realize that we need to constantly walk and live out of our spirit. The key to everything is walking by the Spirit in all situations.

Jesus said we should go and heal people (see Mat 10:5-8). He didn’t say to pray for people to be healed (although we can do this too). Again, 1 Cor 2:14 says that everything about God is spiritually discerned. Jesus moved in an unprecedented and constant flow of the Spirit – He was always aware of what was going on. How did Jesus know when “the power of the Lord was present to heal?” It was because he constantly lived out of his spirit. I think we will find that success in healing has more to do with living out of our spirits that anything else. Having understanding is good, but relying on it won’t get us anywhere

I believe God showed me this because we are moving into a time of an unprecedented outpouring of healing and creative miracles. Like Justin Abraham says, “small keys open big doors”

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6 Responses to Tongues, Seeing and Healing

  1. Polly says:

    Very thought provoking but i do think the spiritual walk carries different personality with each individual. In other words, each believer grows at a different páce on the spiritual journey so hearing and seeing in the spirit can somewhat understood differently from each other for the most part. For example, none of the deciples performed their ministry with the same manifestation. OR any of the prophets of old Testament. Men and women of God carried their anointing based on the grace given to them by God.

    The speaking in tongues experience is not something one just decide to create. I dont agree with that concept. In fact, i do realize that’s commonly done among charismatic groups. But to my understanding of scripture this analogy seems misunderstood. I dont think speaking in tongues should be a casual exercise, such as, i can speak in tongues just because I want to, since in acts 2, says ‘as the spirit gives utterance’ And in 1corinth. 12, apostle Paul admonished them that they speak mysteries in the supernatural. Therefore, i cannot agree with such concept of tongue talking.

    Concerning healing, yes, the apostles prayed for healing according to James 5:14. However, which ever way healing is done, wouldn’t it be still prayer? If rebuked, if called other, if fall out etc i would think. Its still praying just a different manifestation of prayer, well that’s my understanding.

    Think of it this way, no true healing can happen without prayer. Certainly, one would have to be prayed up and live in such posture. Upon meeting the sick that anointing of healing will come upon the prayed up minister to bring about the manifestation of the power of healing and deliverance.

    God bless, that was a really good thot.


  2. No problem sharing 🙂

  3. Selah Vita says:

    this is the most powerful word and explanation I’ve heard in a long time!! wowowow!!! I am so thrilled to have read this, you sure brought heavy duty revelation and wisdom to such a misunderstood subject for many of us out here! lol..I am one who needs things spelled out simply and that’s exactly what you did here…I can’t thank you enough, I will be reading this and rereading it again an again until it totally drops into my spirit…speaking of which I will be doing more and more of now that you made me see how important it is.
    many thanks to you for your loving kindness and your wisdom to share …God bless you and again, thank you…you blew me away with this one!

    • Thanks Selah. I’m amazed by these little revvys that God gives us. I almost didn’t blog this one, since I thought everyone would already know this, and it was just me that needed to hear it. But then I felt Him firmly nudge me and tell me to post it.

      • Selah Vita says:

        so glad you did…it pays to listen up…lol…
        btw, is it permissible to share this with my home group? i wanted your permission before i would dare print it up…i will absolutely give you all the credit on it…
        don’t know the prodigal on this, and it ok if it’s not possible, i won’t be offended lol…it’s just so good and there are people at my home group that are fearful about this subject and finding it difficult, i’m thinking maybe this could help?
        just looking for the easier way out, my words wouldn’t be as well put as yours…lol… either way, i thank you for your words…they’re awesome and full of power…

  4. John Brown says:

    Good word walking in the Spirit. The way to the spirit is death then resurection. To live is Christ and to die is gain. Both are the same revealing the path. No way around the cross, the soul ( with its reason) must lose control and the resurected life of Christ In me takes over. The journey is revealed as Jesus gives us the keys which are the secret mysteries of the gospel which are hidden from the carnal ( soulish ) life. Onward and upward we go up the ladder of perception into the Father. Yaba Daba du this drinks for you. Bless you Robin love you man.

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