Choosing God-awareness over self-awareness

Susan and I were at Morningstar in South Carolina for a few days. It was an amazing time of flowing in the Spirit, and receiving and giving words from The Lord. Since we got back, I’ve found it difficult to hear from The Lord since my mind has been focused on me and how I feel.

This morning, I was awake for a while at 4am. To get back to sleep, I prayed in tongues. This has become more important over the last few weeks, and I find that praying in tongues has become like a reset button for me.

When I woke up, I realized I had been dreaming. At at the end of the dream, I saw myself sitting in a chair looking at the floor. The Lord was speaking to me and said that there were people flying in from Europe this afternoon, and that He had a word for me to give them. He said that if I was focused on myself, He couldn’t use me as He wanted. The choice was clear – I can be self aware or God aware. (It’s funny how I know this already, but when He speaks it in a dream, it becomes revelation.)

I have a tendency to spend a lot of time focusing on how I feel or think, and worrying about myself or how I am sinning. The dream revealed that these kind of introspective activities are really distractions from the enemy, rather that self-examination activities that The Lord wants me to have. Walking by the Spirit will make me more aware of what God is saying, which in turn will make me less aware of my own voice and that of the enemy.

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2 Responses to Choosing God-awareness over self-awareness

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  2. Robert Bob says:

    Hi Robin Welcome home to you and Susan. As I type welcome home it occurred to me that this may not feel as much like home to you as other places do, such as at Mike & Mary Ann’s. I wonder if the reality that we are Aliens in a foreign land , or more clearly Citizens of Heaven, becomes more apparent/feels more real to us when we spend time in a place where more of The Lord’s presence rests. When we return ‘home ‘ it doesn’t feel as much like the ‘home’ ( where we experienced His presence) we just left. Looking forward to seeing you both. Blessing you, Susan Sent from my iPhone


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