The tension between spirit and soul

While worshipping last night, I had a revelation about the soul and the spirit.

Why do we find it difficult to accept or “process” things that God shows us? It’s not that we don’t believe the bible, it’s that many times (or much of the time) we don’t perceive or experience it. There is a disconnect that sets up a tension in our walk. Part of the problem is that our spirits are understanding truth, but our minds are believing the lies that the devil speaks to us.

Our minds are used to receiving and processing information that is received through the body and soul. It does not know how to process information received by our spirit. Compared to our body and soul, our spirit is atrophied. We need to have the Word of God divide, or separate our spirit and soul (Heb 4:12), and put our spirit in control of our body and soul, rather than having our natural understanding (soul) in control. Once that happens our spirit will grow, and revelation will flow, since it is through our spirit that we receive revelation.

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