Wedding Day

At church today, April sung “He is exalted” by Twila Paris. Earlier in the week, Susan mentioned another song she heard by Twila Paris. I asked the Lord, “How come I can go for 15 years and suddenly run into her songs twice in one week?” I heard, “This is part of the ‘restoration of all things'”. God is drawing all the threads together from throughout time. In times of visitation, people experience touches of His glory, and while full of truth, in the time they were released, they were a foreshadowing of what is to come. He is now releasing an unprecedented level of revelation that takes things we know and unpacks them into depths of revelation that is only now been opened up to our spirits. Visitations have happened all along, but now, habitation is coming down – that place we have been crying out for, that God would come down and stay with us. This is ALL about Him, as He accelerates us into this age of kingdom authority, when we know exactly who He is and who we are. Many have sensed the urgency for the bride to prepare, and there has been preparation, but this is different – it feels like the dawn of the wedding day. How different is that day than all the days leading up to it? On that day, everything comes together and builds on the preparation that has gone before. Get ready get ready! It is here. The habitation of our Lord is upon us. Revelation is increasing. Presence is increasing. Joy is increasing. The time is not coming … It is here!

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