Dreams, destinies and the perception filter

For the past few months, I have been on a steep learning curve regarding the courts of heaven and lately have been asking God for more revelation about landing the scrolls. I just had an interesting dream which I think is connected to this.

I was in North Korea, and was drawing alongside the leader of the country as he was walking somewhere. We were talking about something, and I suddenly realized I was dreaming, but was still aware of what was going on. I could tell that there was some kind of “perception filter” in place – the leader did not perceive my presence and I wasn’t able to really understand or retain what we were talking about.  (It was almost like watching a TV program – you feel engaged, but you’re not actually present.) I knew I was there because I had to pray for something about that nation. I was looking for a path of destiny to pray into, but I didn’t know what to look for or how I would know it when I saw it.

Suddenly, I was no longer in that scene, but I was just thinking about it. I then decided to go back into the scene, but as soon as I did, I was no longer interacting with it, but was observing it from above. Somehow, I perceived that the area was overlaid with “tracks” which represented the course of events of the lives of people in the dream. I noticed that in the place where the nation’s leader stood, there was a sort of “log” lying on the ground. It actually looked like a partially cooked loaf of handmade French bread. Looking at it, I knew I was seeing destiny, or the unformed future of the person or the nation, and for some reason, I felt I had to eat it. As soon as I did (and it went down effortlessly in one gulp), I knew I could immediately start to prophesy about the person or nation and speak whatever was contained in the bread.

All this time, I was aware of the dream being played out before me, and I realized I could go back into the dream and restart it to see what was happening. This is how I learned to understand the details of what I described. I also thought about other situations and people I wanted to pray about, so I brought to mind someone else. Immediately, I started to see them moving around in a scene and had the same feeling of us not being able to perceive each other. I stopped thinking about them and then went back and saw a partially cooked loaf again. As I ate it, I knew I could prophesy into the situation. I also noticed that I did not have any additional knowledge or understanding of how to respond, but I was acutely aware that if I opened my mouth, I would prophesy – no doubts whatsoever.

As I finished writing down the dream, I noticed it was 4:44am – a sign to me that this experience was definitely directed by the Lord (I’ll tell you about 4:44 in another blog post).

I know that the destinies of people and nations are contained in books and scrolls in heaven, and that prophetic revelation is one thing that can unlock them. Maybe the dream was an illustration of this? I have no idea why it was about North Korea, other than under the right circumstances, this could apply to nations, regions or individuals. I also don’t fully understand how this applies to the courts. I know that judgements released from the courts are like scrolls that need to be landed for them to take effect. I’m not sure how to enter into scenarios like this again, unless the Lord initiates it (although in the dream, I had felt an invitation to try this with other situations), but I think I’d now know what to do.


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1 Response to Dreams, destinies and the perception filter

  1. sandi says:

    I think a lot about what you said in the first entry. about it being the wedding day. I keep getting confirmation of that every day, and have been getting a teaching about being the bride and getting ready and the extra oil. So I believe the extra oil could just be the extra stuff we do for God that goes unnoticed. The stuff that we do, not because we are all goosebumpy about it, but the babysitting for free, or driving someone when it is inconvenient . or giving when we don’t have. Jesus said, when I was sick or lonely, in prison or just thirsty, you gave to me… and we won’t know what he is talking about, because we might not have even been thinking all nice spiritual thoughts while we did the basic stuff. love one another, till I get back.

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