Under His command

I love how The Lord speaks to us. For me, quite often it’s through dreams. A few days ago, I had a dream where I was doing some kind of undercover work. I had just completed a job and was reporting to the person in charge. I then realized that I didn’t really work for this person but I needed to ask for some payment. I also sensed that if I asked for the wrong thing, I would be killed. So I said to the person, “I need some money for this”. He said, “what do you want?” I paused, knowing that I had to say the right thing, and then I said, “ten”. As soon as I said it, the expression on the man’s face changed, like he suddenly realized I was one of them. I didn’t know what “ten” meant – was it 10 million, or 10 percent?

I then found myself in a large military compound and was taken to a table where a very unassuming woman was seated. She was talking about various things and it somehow came out that she was the supreme commander of all military forces everywhere. She was completely unlike any earthly commander you could think of. She then spoke to me about something she wanted me to do. End of dream.

I had no idea what this dream was about until this morning, when I met my friend Marsha on the train. We were sharing various things, and as soon as I mentioned the dream, the Lord started giving both of us revelation.

I realized that in the dream, the test about asking for the right payment was a test of my heart, and I had passed the test by saying “ten”. Marsha told me to look up was ten means: perfection of divine order, or total completion. I think there is more depth to this that The Lord has yet to show me.

I then saw that the woman represented God, or God’s power cloaked in humility – hidden where the natural man couldn’t see it.

I believe the Lord was showing me the nature of the battle we are in. The kingdom of God is advancing and taking the ground from the enemy. To be a part of this, our hearts have to be right and in alignment with the Lord’s purposes and way of doing things. What He is doing is perfect, and we receive our reward from Him. The power of the Lord is always cloaked in humility and does not draw attention to itself, but it is all powerful, complete, perfect, and nothing else is needed. We do not get to decide the strategy or the particular assignments, but we get to participate when we walk in Him and in His ways.

I think the reason I had the dream was that I had been listening to the lies of the enemy – lies that said I was not ready, or missing something, and that God can’t use me. I know many people are under pressure right now, but this is only a sign of the desperation of the enemy – he is trying to distract us from what God is doing. The enemy’s days are numbered and we need to take hold of the truth that we are under the Lord’s command, following Him and doing things His way. The Lord is releasing revelation to the body about who we are in Him. We are sons and daughters of God and He is now drawing us into that revelation.

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2 Responses to Under His command

  1. sandra phillips says:

    Robin, you are a blessing to my heart! Spirit sings inside me. Thank you!

  2. Robin, love whatnyou share here.

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