You don’t need to drink the river!

It’s a truism that during the time of acceleration, things accelerate. For me, this last year has been that time of acceleration. I’ve felt my spirit expanding with wave after wave of revelation: the courts, who I am in Christ, spirit and soul, becoming sons of God … so many things.

But life rolls on and since January, I’ve had to shift priorities to accommodate increasing needs from my extended family, and from my job. These are not intrusions, robbing me of my time with God. They are, in fact, integral elements of the life He’s given me – and I thank Him for them.

Years ago, a very wise person told me that they couldn’t keep up with all the conferences that everyone was going to at our church, but that God had told her not to worry – if she needed to be at one, God would get her there. I realized that chasing things to make sure we are not missing anything is really a sign that we don’t know the all encompassing love of our Father. Maybe we think He might say to us, “well, if you’d only been there to hear that speaker …”

This, of course, is a lie of the enemy. If we are surrendered to Him, He has promised to lead us and direct our paths. When we are not harbouring any personal agendas, but just seeking His face, I don’t believe we can miss his plan for us. The enemy’s lie is there to cause us to lose trust in our God and rely on our own strength.

So as I was becoming busier with the demands of life, I found I couldn’t keep up with all the things God was revealing. I felt that if I couldn’t read everything on my Facebook groups, I was missing out. I love the FreedomARC blog, but I couldn’t keep up with everything Mike posted. The latest podcasts drifted by like words in the wind, and I had little time to write.

A few days ago, God gave me a funny little picture of a wide river, with me at one end, trying to stretch my mouth around it. He said, “You know you can’t drink the whole river?” It was such a funny picture that I almost fell out of my seat, laughing. He also showed me that the parts of the river I get to drink are the parts that He wants me to have. No pressure to perform, no guilt in missing anything, just joy and love in His presence.

Today, I had another picture along these lines. I was at the edge of a river and I saw ripples going out from each of us and from all the things God is doing – like pebbles dropped in the water. As my ripple went out, it encountered the other ripples. Sometimes, they passed right through each other. Other times, something different would happen and a new pattern would emerge. God was telling me that I didn’t get to choose the things that He had planned for me, and only He knew which things would change me. All I have to do is rest in Him and trust what He is doing.


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4 Responses to You don’t need to drink the river!

  1. Lynn says:

    Wow, did I ever need that!

  2. Sue Armitage says:

    Thanks Robin. God’s been showing me something very similar. I have had to suddenly spend a lot more time with my mom lately and have had to take care of her in ways I never imagined. It’s taking me away from so many things in my life. Everything else seems to be on the back burner including my involvement in the Healing Centre, and writing my book, and I was getting very stressed trying to cope and do too much. Things are still stressful but I have more help in place, and I realize that this time and care of my mom is a gift. As difficult as it is to see her needing so much care, my prayers for a better relationship with her have been answered. Everything that is on the back burner is supposed to be there for now. The struggles are teaching me to be more loving and selfless. Initially I thought I was missing out on something but it’s all good. I am where I am supposed to be.

  3. sandra phillips says:

    Love you Robin, and thank you so much for sharing. You are like one of the scribes of old, so very human, but so VERY chosen by God! This year has been speckled with times of intense pressure, as well as times of refreshing. All together it works out, making my life full of gold, oil and hearts like our daddy’s. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! be blessed, extravagantly! sandi

  4. vootman says:

    Thank you, brother for those thoughts. After 44+ years as a “christian” I feel I have “missed out” on everything God has been doing in “christian culture USA.” And now I hear people (and the enemy?) suggesting I am just one of those “outer court christians” with clogged up gates and a forfeited destiny. I would take a sip from the River if I could even find it. I hardy know what to believe anymore. Alone in the dark, eating the body and drinking the blood with Jesus will suffice.

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